Affiliate Marketing – The 3 Most Powerful Words in Affiliate Marketing to Increase Your Sales

Once you have your product, the next most important factor is your sales copy or copyrighting skills. What you say has a huge bearing on your conversion rates and ultimately your sales. Use these key words, also known as benefit words, in your marketing and see the difference on your bottom line.


This is a general marketing principle but it applies to internet and affiliate marketing as well. People LOVE free stuff–always have, always will. In all your offers, find a way to incorporate something for free and make sure you communicate that to your customer.

Whether it’s a FREE report, a FREE eBook, FREE videos, or a FREE trial, offer it to your customer. This is the perfect way to get build your list by giving value to your customer first. They will gladly exchange their information for valuable free stuff any day.


People don’t like to think to much or work to hard when it comes to the internet. Your job as a marketer is to explain the process to them and make it plain. If you convey that using the product or service is easy (or simple), it’ll do wonders for your conversions.

Customers want to simplify their lives. If you can make their life easier with your product or service, you put yourself in a favorable position. It could be easy monthly payments or an easy 3 step system. Whatever it may be if its easy, it’s easier to sell.


You want to be able to deliver the benefits from your product or service instantly. There is no better word to communicate this message than the word NOW. Make your customers believe that they can’t go another second without your offer.

People want instant results. They need to see changes or improvements in their lives now. Tap into that need for instant gratification. Ask them to ‘Join Now.’ Tell your customers what’s going to happen:

  • “Now You Can Clean Your House in Half the Time”
  • “Your Life Just Became Simpler Now”
  • “Now You Can Produce Twice the Results with a Fraction of the Cost”

There are many benefit words that should be used in your affiliate or internet marketing. Free, Easy and Now are 3 of the most powerful words you can use. There are other key words as well such as quick, instant, cheap and discount.

Of course there are many more words and strategies for marketing. Stay tuned to what super affiliates are doing to get their results. The website is jam-packed with tips and secrets.

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